What is ZPER?

ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide.

P2P Finance Alliance

Verified global P2P lending companies, information providers, and robo-advisors are part of the ZPER Alliance. The Alliance, which allows a variety of participants to freely interact and exchange values, provides a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and lenders.

All participants will be rewarded fairly for their contributions.

Cross-border transactions

ZPER connects borrowers and lenders regardless of their countries' currency. Lenders reap higher returns, while borrowers receive loans at lower interest rates.

Risk Management by Robo-advisors 

Internationally-recognized robo-advisor algorithms constitute the global investment portfolios. The algorithm is then used to lower investment risk and provide security via investment diversification.


  • Sean Shin
    • CEO at Dayli Financial Group
    • Mirae Asset Securities Research Center Analyst
    • Towers Watson Insurance Financial Business
    • Samil Accounting Corp. Financial Headquaters
  • Suyong Park
    • CEO at Block Crafters Capital
    • Cognitive Investment Director
    • COO of Dayli Financial Group
    • Co-representative of Dayli Intelligence
    • Seoul Investment Partners
  • Sudhi Herle
    • Sr. Strategy Consultant to the CTO of Samsung Mobile
    • Co-founder of Samsung KNOX platform while at Samsung
    • Ex-Chief Product Officer at RhythmOne (LON:RHTM)
    • Temple University, PA and IIT-Bombay
    • More than 30+ technology patents
  • Joe Kim
    • Managing Director of XnTree at L39
    • Former Director at IBM UK
    • Former Managing Director & CTO at Tmaxsoft
    • Former CEO at Datawave System


  • JB Kim

    Co-founder, CEO

    • CEO at Olley Funding
    • Dayli Financial Group S/T
    • Kiwoom Fund Management
    • TmaxSoft BI Dep.
    • KAIST Applied Mathematics
  • Sean Park

    Co-founder, CSO

    • CEO at FUNDA
    • Vice Chairman at KP2PFA
    • Seoul National Univ. Electrical Engineering
  • George Hahn

    Co-founder, CGO

    • Robo-Advisor FABOT, Co-Founder
    • Seoul National Univ., Mechanical & Aerospace Eng.